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Salomon's oh so sweet range of high-quality skis and equipment + New Zealand's awesome ski scene = a match made in heaven. To understand what we mean, you only need to hear the words of the famous brand's founder, Georges Salomon. "I'm fascinated by what I'll do tomorrow," Mr Salomon said, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of what it means to live life to the fullest. This is a sentiment that will be familiar to anyone who has ever felt their heart flutter when staring down a run at Cardrona Alpine Resort, or who has embraced backcountry adventure at the Treble Cone ski field. To put it simply, Salomon is your perfect partner for great skiing in New Zealand From their inception at the Salomon family workshop in the French town of Annecy, to their present-day position at the pinnacle of the outdoor sports scene, Salomon has retained their dual commitment to unbeatable levels of quality and a healthy dose of fun. Today, the fabled S logo of the Salomon is known across the world as the sign of something very special indeed. Here at our Wanaka snow shop, we are proud to sell these awesome skis and equipment pieces to the New Zealand market. If you are looking to buy Salomon Skis in New Zealand, or if you are interested in adding a great piece of Salomon equipment to your collection, you came to the right place. Salomon Skis feature all-terrain rocker technology, enabling smart flotation on even the softest snow, and top-notch agility and precision even when the going gets a little harder. Koroyd tip inserts support serious strength and durability, while minimising weight. The result is a whisper light ride, with minimal shock and vibration, helping you to keep going for longer. Woodcore technology built into the very construction of the skis also provides high levels of stability, keeping that glide effortless and that ride smooth. Together, these features add up to a piece of skiing tech which you won't want to be without. So, the question remains, what comes next? What are you going to do with your Salomon Skis once you have found the perfect match for your skiing style? The answer is, anything you want. You are limited only by your own imagination. Ready to make your purchase of the perfect Salomon ski for the New Zealand skiing scene? Eager to find out more about these incredible pieces of equipment? Browse our range or get in touch with Racers Edge today.


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