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There are some brand names which have become bywords for industry-leading quality, heaps of fun, technology innovation, supreme reliability, and... well, you get the picture... all the good stuff. Shimano is, without a doubt, one of those brand names. If you are anything like us, the Japanese bike accessory pioneers have been with you through it all. From the beginning, starting out as kids and falling in love with biking, to the present day, still building on that passion, seeing the Shimano brand logo on a piece of kit meant, quite simply, that it was among the best in the market. At Racers Edge, we are very proud to be able to uphold that tradition and to give our customers the chance to buy great quality Shimano accessories in New Zealand. At our store in Wanaka, and also online, we provide a wide range of different pieces, each designed to augment and enhance the rider's experience on their bike. This may include Shimano brake callipers and gear mechanisms, through to lightweight but robust pedals, shoes, headwear and apparel, drive chains and chain rings, or any other accessory which Shimano make available to buy in New Zealand. Browse our Shimano range online, and get in touch to enquire about the products we have currently available, or those we have inbound. It might be that we have the perfect piece of Shimano gear waiting for you just around the corner. Shimano, as a brand, is interested in the science of cycling - the forces of motion and traction that make the sport such a thrill for so many people. Each new accessory they create - each new piece of technology they design and craft - focuses on this core aim; to create harmony between the cycle, the rider, and the very concept of cycling itself, by harnessing science. As anyone who has ever come into contact with Shimano before, this does not translate to a sterile, calculated, and traditionally scientific form of riding. Instead, the effect is a joyous one, with each and every thing that makes cycling and riding so enjoyable to so many people, supported by Shimano's proudly academic approach. If you are looking to buy Shimano accessories in New Zealand, you came to the right place. To connect with our range of accessory pieces, or to buy another mountain or road bike for exploring New Zealand's roads and trails, take a look at our range or get in touch.


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