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The original Tecnica ski boots were a family affair produced off the back of the Calzaturrifica Tecnica Spa way back in 1970 -- an industry crafted and created by two brothers, Giancarlo and Ambrosiano Zanatta, and their father, Dreste. This was truly a family bonded by a love for the mountains, for winter apparel, and for the slopes. Fast forward forty or so years, and the Tecnica brand is now pushing boundaries the world over. What began life as a small artisanal workshop in the Italian Dolomite range has become a global sensation, providing skiers the world over with the comfort, support, and protection they need as they the explore the possibilities of awesomeness both on and off the piste. But what is it about Tecnica ski boots that makes them so highly sought after in the global market including down here in New Zealand, where Tecnica products fly off our shelves on a regular basis? Perhaps the most important reason is the high levels of understanding, of skill, and, of course, passion, that go into each and every product. Just take a look at some of the tech that goes into these things! Consider CAS technology for example. This technology enables Tecnica to provide their customers with a custom fit shoe that provides the ultimate in comfort as well as support. Treating skiers like the individuals they are -- this is something of a trademark of Tecnica. This extends to the shells on their ski boots too. When you buy Technica ski boots, you are connecting with some of the most advanced tech on the planet, melding together hard and soft materials to craft a boot shell which is as practical and robust as it is comfortable and reliable. Factor in other features such as a bi-injected polyether frame that drops the material thickness level and ups the robustness at a stroke. Add other pieces of design finesse such as the metal to metal mobility cuff connection with SAS system with a 42-degree range of motion. Throw all of these into elements into the mix, and you have yourself a very formidable piece of ski hardware indeed. It's no surprise then that our team are so proud to provide our customers with Technica ski boots in New Zealand. When you need to buy Tecnica ski boots, look no further than our Wanaka ski shop range. We love everything about Tecnica. And we're sure that you will too.


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