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There is the mountain – the paradise of hikers, skiers, boarders, and climbers the world over. And then there is the north face typically the coldest, iciest, most dangerous, and most badass way to reach the summit. At least in the Northern Hemisphere. (OK, down here in Wanaka, New Zealand the opposite is true, but bear with us!) Ascents of the world's famous north faces – the Eiger, the Matterhorn, the Drus, to name just a few – are the stuff of legend. It's fitting, then, that The North Face clothing company would take its name from such heroism. Think of The North Face as offering "comfort, beyond the comfort zone." This is the stuff you'll be using to keep yourself safe, warm, and in control, even as you push the performance level, and the altitude. Professionally engineered backpacks keep your belongings secure and dry, while world-leading garms make sure you enjoy that same level of plush comfort. This adventure company is as serious as Racers Edge about the mountains, and about the planet we all love. This means pushing the boundaries of innovation in green technology, reaffirming their commitment to recycled materials and eco-friendly practices. Yeah, it feels great ripping up the powder in one of The North Face's jackets, but it feels that little bit more special when you know you are making positive choices for the planet. In fact, innovation is the name of the game for The North Face team. Gone are the days when staying warm in the hills meant layering up with fabrics – the heavier, the better. The North Face are all about that ultra-light, ultra-efficient, ultra-effective kit, meaning you get the protection you need without worrying about being weighed down on the mountain or out on the slopes. Futurelight is one of these innovations. This is a smart bit of fabric technology designed to keep the wearer dry and protected while keeping their kit load low. It's already being rolled out across much of The North Face's product line, but you can expect pretty much every waterproof garm from The North Face to feature this tech by the end of 2020. Oh, and you know what? The North Face is about as stylish as it gets. If you're looking for some way to tick all those boxes – safe, warm, protected, chic – then this is the way to do it, and Racers Edge have the stock right here in Wanaka. We are proud to be able to bring The North Face to the New Zealand market, and we know you love this stuff just as much as we do. Get involved, and, as the saying goes, "never stop exploring."


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