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Blackburn Outpost Corner Bag

Blackburn Outpost Corner Bag

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You weren't using that space anyway, were you?

A handy, rigid pouch that'll fit into that odd space behind your head tube, for storing a CO2, tube and tools. The water resistant construction gives extra protection against the elements. With an expandable design so you can adjust if you need more, or less space. Bikes come in a lot of shapes and sizes. This bag includes adjustable mounting systems to allow fitment to almost any bike. Blackburn carefully consider what is put in each of our bags and tailor the compartments, pockets and other features to make sure there is a perfect place for everything.

  • Straps can mount to your stem/bars in multiple locations for a secure fit
  • Several mesh and slip pockets, room for everything
  • Weight: 130gr/ 4.6oz
  • Capacity: .7 liter

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