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Picture Organic Clothing Kiersi Ls Tech Tee

Picture Organic Clothing Kiersi Ls Tech Tee

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Modern, technical, and incredibly stylish, the perfect year-round tech tee

Our Kiersi long-sleeve tech tee belongs to our range of high performance eco-designed products for high-intensity outdoor adventures in the summer. Made with a soft, moisture wicking, quick drying, antimicrobial poly-Tencel fabric, it also provides maximum UPF50 UV protection. Technical and sustainable, Tencel fibers are produced through an environmentally-friendly low-impact manufacturing process that transforms wood pulp into cellulose fibers. Known for being incredibly soft, Tencel fibers increase overall comfort. It features an advanced, technical design with openwork detailing and a C.O.G. reflective back print. For those who prefer the look and comfort of a natural fabric, but the high performance of a technical tee, the Kiersi tech tee, with its unique style, is perfect for whenever you choose to play outdoors.

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