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Pure Beet Endurance

Pure Beet Endurance

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PURE Beet Endurance powder contains high amounts of naturally occurring nitrates which scientific studies* have shown to assist with improving power and endurance in athletes. If you're looking for a natural sport supplement to assist in your sport or exercise then PURE Beet Endurance Powder may help give you an edge against the competition.

Combined effects may have a positive impact, whether it involves low-intensity or high-intensity effort, to perform at a higher intensity over shorter durations, or improve endurance over longer durations. So it is ideal for a wide range of sports activities.

PURE Beet Endurance powder is suitable for both men and women and is a 100% natural beet powder nutritional supplement. Actual performance and/or benefit results will vary between individuals.


  • High in nitrates - scientific studies shown to assist with improving power and endurance in athletes.
  • Nitrates help to reduce blood pressure at rest
  • Reduce energy and oxygen cost of exercise
  • When taken in the days prior to an event it may assist with overall performance
  • Excellent taste compared to other beetroot products, with a slightly sweet taste profile
  • Convenient pouch for traveling and easy to consume - just mix with water, juice or smoothies. Or get creative and add to baking!

How to use:

Simply mix 3 scoops (included) with 250ml plain water. Consume at least 3 – 4 hours prior to an event and/or consume for 2 – 5 days prior to your planned event.

Can you afford not to be taking PURE Beet Endurance Powder for your next event?

A 2011 study found that men who pre-race consumed 500ml of beetroot juice (40g PURE Beet Endurance powder equivalent) improved simulated 4 km and 16.1 km cycling time-trial performance by 2.8 per cent (11 seconds) and 2.7 per cent (45 seconds), respectively, as compared to when they completed the rides after drinking a placebo.

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