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Stans Stans Tyre Sealant - 946ml

Stans Stans Tyre Sealant - 946ml

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Already using a tubeless system or looking to convert - Stan’s has The Solution!

  • Stan’s "The Solution" stops slow leaks and virtually eliminates punctures in tubeless tyres.
  • This Solution allows you to convert standard tyres to tubeless (Stans No-Tubes kit is required).
  • Works with any tubeless tyre, tubular tyre or road tubeless.
  • When properly used, it will seal up to 1/4 inch punctures.
  • The Solution can be used year round, even in sub freezing temperatures.
  • It will not throw the tyre out of balance like other sealants are known to do.
  • 1 Quart bottle (946ml) - seals up to 16 bicycle tyres.

Recommended for all tubeless tyres: mountain bikes, Wheelbarrows, ATVs, lawnmowers, golf carts, tractors, handcarts, car tyres, truck tyres, scooters etc.


  1. Adding sealant: Remove the valve core and inject the proper amount of sealant into your tyre or tube (See chart below).
  2. Re-inflate: Re-inflate your tyre to your recommended pressure and rotate to seal any leaks. The sealant must touch the puncture so the air pressure can force the sealant into the hole.

About the product:

  1. In a few months time if you get a puncture that does not seal, simply add more sealant. No need to remove your tyre and install a patch. Stan’s Tyre Sealant “The Solution” will continue to seal punctures as long as it remains in a fluid form, sealing thousands of holes.
  2. How long will it last? Sealant longevity will depend on type of tyre, size, storage conditions, and volume of sealant. Tyres with thick casings will allow sealant to last much longer. Sealant in tyre will need to be refreshedtomaintain sealing properties. In cooler conditions the sealant will last longer. In hot, dry conditions more frequent monitoring is recommended.
  3. How much do I add? Keep in mind low speed trres can always use more sealant. But on high speed car or truck tyres you should try to use the lower amount to eliminate imbalance and shaking.
Tyre Use Recommended Amount
Tubeless mountain bikes 2 - 3 ounces (60 - 90ml)
Handcarts and other smaller tyres 2 - 4 ounces (60 - 120ml)
Lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, golf carts 4 - 8 ounces (120 - 240ml)
ATVs 8 - 16oz(240 - 480ml) or more
Car tyres - this amount will not cause imbalance 2 - 4 ounces (60 - 120ml)
Large tractor and truck tyres 4 - 10 ounces (120 - 300ml)

Please note:

  • Keep container in a cool place and tightly closed when not in use.
  • Can be used in sub-freezing temperatures
  • Can also be used in tubes with removable valve cores.

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