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Topeak Joeblow Sport III Floor Pump

Topeak Joeblow Sport III Floor Pump

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The Topeak JoeBlow Sport 3 sets the new benchmark for floor pump durability and performance. Now with an easy-to-read, chronographic inspired guard with PSI and Bar Index. TwinHead dual-sided design has Presta valve internals on one side and Schrader valve internals on the other for trouble-free tire inflation up to 160 PSI. Ergonomic padded handle, extra-long hose with 360° pivot and large base enhance comfort, ease and stability while pumping.


  • TwinHead technology inflates Presta and Schrader with ease and eliminates the hassle of swapping out head parts
  • Thumb-Lock lever ensures an air-tight seal
  • Oversized padded handle adds overall comfort to your inflation experience
  • Large, elevated gauge registers up to 160 PSI and is easy to read
  • Extra long hose pivots 360° so you can access hard-to-reach valves
  • Hose dock protects hose and head when not in use
  • Painted steel barrel is durable and resilient
  • Wide, hardened steel base for added stability
  • Includes ball and air bladder needles
  • Includes Dunlop valve adapter
  • Needles and valve adapter fit neatly in their own holders
  • 3 inch dial
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Barrel Material: Painted Steel
  • Gauge: Elevated Mount
  • Head: Dual
  • Hose Length: 78cm
  • Max. Psi: 160

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