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Arva Black Rescuer 32 Pro

Arva Black Rescuer 32 Pro

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The PRO version of the RESCUER 32 is designed with reinforcements in high-wear areas and built to withstand the high demands of everyday, heavy-duty use.

Designed for mountain professionals, the Arva RESCUER 32 PRO includes reinforcements in high-wear areas and other components for the everyday heavy-duty use, in addition to all of the other features built into the RESCUER 32.

We added interior pockets, accessory loops on the waist belt, optimized every carrying system, and beefed up the entire pack to make this the preferred tool for professionals and backcountry enthusiasts who are unwilling to compromise.

The coated CORDURA provides maximum protection against snow and abrasion all season long.

Weight: 1180g

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